Clubhouse Treehouse

1607 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027


Saturday 10:20PM — 10:40PM Clubhouse Treehouse
Alyssa Gill, Lance Nealy, Maddy Buxton, Paul Heredia, Sergio Lopez

Though Elixir Improv started as the last ever house team formed at iO, we’ve found a home in the LA Indie Improv scene. With five diverse individuals on stage, our sets draw upon our unique points of view to create an eclectic and fun show. Sometimes we get dark, sometimes we get too real, sometimes we get silly…but we always have fun.

Tres Leches

Sunday 10:40PM — 11:00PM Clubhouse Treehouse
Anne Akhila, Robby Wagner, Wes Martinez

Tres Leches is Anne Akhila, Robby Wagner and Wes Martinez.  Diverse players who also happen to be BFFs…who love cake.  Each member is a product of both The Groundlings & UCB making their long form improv a delicious sweet dessert you just want to eat up.  Performances are rich with characters (icing), grounded in real relationships (cake), with special weirdness that brings it all together (platter).  With only three improvisers on stage, there is time to explore (eat) each character and scene, but also move quickly into wacky premises (digest).  (We love cake.)


Saturday 1:20PM — 1:40PM Clubhouse Treehouse
Dan Torson, Danny Mastrangelo

Featuring Dan Torson and Danny Mastrangelo, MasTor is two tall dudes doing too tall comedy. With tight game play and sharp characters you won't want to miss, MasTor is ready to knock your socks off and then pick them up and hand them back to you because they get that socks can be expensive sometimes and they're sorry they did that.

Safe Weird

Sunday 1:40PM — 2:00PM Clubhouse Treehouse
Andrew Stanton, Kait Thompson, Rob Gentile

Andrew and Rob and Kait are best friends who love each other and love to do improv together. Safe Weird has performed together since 2011. They did regular shows at Philly Improv Theater. They performed at Slapdash International Improv Fest in London as well as Nashville Improv Fest.

Flavor Tryst

Sunday 2:00PM — 2:20PM Clubhouse Treehouse
Ben Dietzel, Clara Baker, Emmet Andrews, Michael Dean

What do four college friends from Tucson, Arizona love more than anything? Making it home in time by 7pm for Jeopardy, the fastest half-hour on television. But when we’re not doing that, we love playing fast and loose slackers on stage for all of you! Don’t worry, only 95% of the show will be presented in question format and we’ll keep Daily Doubles to a minimum.


Sunday 4:00PM — 4:20PM Clubhouse Treehouse
Lynsey Bonell, Shem Pennant

Two British communications professionals rock a meditation Harold. Funny, strange and committed. Amelia will have you ommming along in no time. Literally it’s how they start the show.


Sunday 4:20PM — 4:40PM Clubhouse Treehouse
Chris Compton, Stephen C. James

Nerdvana has performed their geektacular brand of improv and sketch comedy in L.A. and around the country for the past dozen years. At one point they found themselves writing for a show on a Christian television network because hey, life doesn't make much sense. Essentially, they're Corey Doctorow meets E.L. Doctorow meets the guys who would beat them up for typing that.

I Believe in You Peter

Saturday 4:40PM — 5:00PM Clubhouse Treehouse
Caitlin Davis, Evan Daniels, Katie Elsaesser, Keith Anderson, Mark Jacob, Pedro Rojas, Scott Anderson, Sydney Harris, Tori Brenna

I Believe in You Peter does a wildly bizarre set filled with great stuff. Maybe we'll ask you for a suggestion? Maybe We'll ask for a story about your first car? Maybe we'll give you candy and ask for money. But we'll definitely have fun! Lets break down this wild roster of performers.

Pedro Rojas – The Enforcer
Katie Elsaesser – Ankle Expert
Scott Anderson – Stealth Master
Sydney Harris – A Real Life Wolf
Tori Brenna – The Architect
Mark Jacob – Street Boxing Champion
Keith Anderson – Sentient Water being
Caitlin Davis – Fought Trump in the 80s
Evan Daniels – Invented Batteries/Medicine

We hope to see you there!

Coco Van

Sunday 6:20PM — 6:40PM Clubhouse Treehouse
Chris Senger, Kate VandeGoor, Marion Dunham, Russ Burd, Theresa Gumprecht

We do 2 person scenes and let them breathe, with a group scene at the end bringing the characters back.
We are Second City graduates who have existed as Coco Van for over 7 years. For over 6 years, we have hosted shows, first at the former Neon Venus, and for the last three in The Treehouse at The Clubhouse and have given the chance to countless indie teams to perform.

Janine Hogan

Saturday 7:40PM — 8:00PM Clubhouse Treehouse
Janine Hogan

Janine Hogan creates fully improvised comedic songs based on audience suggestion where she layers beatboxing and vocals to make GOOFY AND FUN DANG ART


Sunday 8:00PM — 8:20PM Clubhouse Treehouse
Michael Garcia, Monika Smith

Gawds is the combination of Monika Smith and Michael Garcia, 2 veteran improvisors that believe in grounded, relationship based comedy and the non-existence of a higher being.
Their shows are both laugh out loud funny and at the same time really sweet or sad, just like life. Comedy can be more than just laughs and thats what Gawds aims for in each show.


Sunday 8:20PM — 8:40PM Clubhouse Treehouse
Elli Sherrer, Liam Hearne, Mark Stefanos, Paula Deming, RJ Velasco

Take the two cutest animals you can think of. Now combine them into one. You've created: PUPPYCAT! A group of individually adorable humans that combine their powers into one quick, silly, high-energy improv team. Incidentally, Puppycat is not responsible for shoes that end up chewed or any small dead animals left behind as "gifts".


Sunday 9:20PM — 9:40PM Clubhouse Treehouse
Anne Akhila, Anosh McAdam, Krishna Smitha, Nikhil Deshpande, Zef Husain

Anne Akhila, Krishna Smitha, Nikhil Deshpande, Zef Husain, and Anosh McAdam are Uncle. Beyond being an all-Indian, long-form improv troupe, Uncle's mission is to bring its' own, unique, frame of reference to the stage. We are not just 5 flannel shirts up here. We want to help inspire other POC artists to get up here and play! And if anyone wants to hit up Artesia after the show, dosa's are on us (not really).

Awkward High Five

Saturday 9:40PM — 10:00PM Clubhouse Treehouse
Brooke Ashley Anderson, Meitav Marom, Stephen Gillikin

Awkward High Five was formed when a group of improvisers was bombarded by cosmic radiation during an unauthorized test flight of an experimental rocket ship. Though this gave them absolutely no special powers or heightened abilities of any kind, it was nonetheless a meaningful bonding experience. Now watch them do a Pretty Flower!