Saturday, August 12
Sunday, August 13

Clubhouse Treehouse

1607 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027


Saturday 2:20PM — 2:40PM Clubhouse Treehouse
Adrian Snow, Dyani Rejae, Jamie Kinsella

Oreo is an improv team composed of three savvy ladies, two black and one white (i.e. Oreo), doing some ballsy comedy. We do a long form structure called the Harriet. It's like if the Harold and Pretty Flower had a baby. We're funny, regardless of what Jerry Lewis thinks.*

(Jerry Lewis has never seen Oreo perform improv)


Saturday 3:20PM — 3:40PM Clubhouse Treehouse
Randy Thomas, Sergio Lopez

Take a ride with NES as they explore the world through the lens of Normal Everyday Stuff. NES creates a show based in emotion that can tackle serious topics as easily as it can get silly.

Two Points for Honesty

Sunday 4:00PM — 4:20PM Clubhouse Treehouse
Kyle Parulski, Taylor Mechlinski

Two Points for Honesty fell in love over their mutual love for the Band Guster. Guster is in now way featured in their performance. Most of the time Taylor is a physical weirdo and Kyle provides excellent philosophical justification. Most impressive is that both our last names end in "ski" and we didn't use it in our improv team name.

Dad Jokes

Sunday 4:20PM — 4:40PM Clubhouse Treehouse
Adam Moshcatel, Alex Ryan, Allison Garwood, Andrew Keller, Chaz Rodgers, Cooper McGill, Duncan Dwyer, Heather Massie, Jennifer Tate, Juvi Guevara

Dad Jokes is a long form improv group that formed as an indie team through UCBTLA in early 2016. Over the last year and a half, the diverse team has developed a unique comedic voice that has wowed audiences all over Los Angeles. Don't miss out, as Dad Jokes will take your suggestion and turn it into a hilarious and non-stop show that you won't forget.


Sunday 4:40PM — 5:00PM Clubhouse Treehouse
Elli Sherrer, Liam Hearne, Mark Stefanos, Paula Deming, RJ Velasco

Take the two cutest animals you can think of. Now combine them into one. You've created: Puppycat! A group of individually adorable humans that combine their powers into one quick, silly, high-energy improv team. (Incidentally, Puppycat is not responsible for chewed-up shoes or small dead animals left behind as "gifts")

Small Talk

Sunday 5:20PM — 5:40PM Clubhouse Treehouse
Ben Rosen, Eitan Loewenstein, Julia Stone

A team of writers have spent the past year and a half training in an apartment in Hollywood for one show: the Los Angeles Indie Improv Festival. Now they have a chance to perform on stage together for the first time. Will it be their last?


Sunday 6:20PM — 6:40PM Clubhouse Treehouse
Ann Stacey, Bobbi Whitney, Breanna Helders, Diane Khang, Eleanor Vigneault, Jessica Clemons, Samantha Ditto, Vanessa Jackson

We are GYNO, like the lady doctor, but funny. We are a fresh, young, diverse group of improvisers who happen to all be women, crazy right? We have been performing all around Los Angeles since way back in early 2017, and urge you all to come see us at this year's LA indie improv festival, before we all become famous and you can't afford to anymore.


Saturday 6:20PM — 6:40PM Clubhouse Treehouse
Jay Hoskins, Mike Besaw, Natasha Lloyd, Sam Epstein, Shaun Fisher

808 is a hip hop improv team that combines everything you love about Musical Improv with everything you love about Rap! They have amazed audiences across the country with their ability to incorporate Freestyle Rap and Beatboxing into high energy scenes and songs. Give them a suggestion, then sit back and prepare to nod your head and drop your jaw.


Sunday 7:00PM — 7:20PM Clubhouse Treehouse
Jennifer Perry, Mike Perkins, Paul Brodo, Sharona D'Ornellas, Tim Lang

Hat-Trick has been together and performing since 2014!!! They’re all best friends, hang out all the time, and they all broke into UCB at around the same time and still take classes and go to shows together. They have a unique style and mix different improv forms along with other surprises tucked away in all that good stuff! Here at Hat-Trick we feel that being really close and loving everything about improv makes all of our shows that much more personal and fun because that’s all we’re doing on stage is having a blast! They host and produce a monthly show "#Hashtags with Hat-Trick" at The Clubhouse in Hollywood, incorporating the audience's Instagram photos into their improv! They also host and produce another monthly show called "Eat, Drink, Improv!" which is the only exclusive improv/stand-up comedy show at Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank.

Girl Crazy

Sunday 8:00PM — 8:20PM Clubhouse Treehouse
Bethany Radloff, Jeff Zuschlag, Joe Quint, Ryan Middledorf, Sarah Franklin

Girl Crazy is a high fun, high energy team. We perform what we like to call, a Patient Montage, where our last scene ends in a group game. We are a tight-knit group of friends who love performing together and dancing together. We always make sure everyone in the room is having fun when we're on stage – that's why we give gum to our audience! We would love for you to come see us play, grab some gum, and laugh with us.

Lady Parade

Sunday 8:40PM — 9:00PM Clubhouse Treehouse
Andrea Klaassen, Emily Schmidt, Kirsten Opstad, Max Sopkin, Michelle Shwarzstein

Lady Parade brings together some of the best long-form improvisers hailing from the far reaches of Boston, Minneapolis and even the Inland Empire, who now make LA their home. Take a seat in their living room for story-inspired improv with captivating characters! Ride-or-die commitment! Sometimes singing! Your heart will leap out of your body. Too bold an assertion? Lady Parade has had TWO mid-show proposals, so it’s hardly bold enough. And the question always looms…WILL THERE BE A THIRD?

Lady Parade hosts "Lady Parade & Friends," a monthly show at The Clubhouse and were recent contenders in UCB Cagematch where victory narrowly eluded them, though they now hunger for revenge*.


Awkward High Five

Sunday 9:00PM — 9:20PM Clubhouse Treehouse
Brooke Ashley Anderson, Kelsea Burke, Meitav Marom, Stephen Gillikin

In 2013, a ragtag team of improvisers was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. They promptly escaped to the Los Angeles underground and today survive performing Pretty Flowers and Montages. If you have a cancellation, if no one else responds to your mass email, and if they're not busy, maybe you can book… Awkward High Five!


Saturday 9:00PM — 9:20PM Clubhouse Treehouse
Lydia Hensler, Lynsey Bonell

LydLyns is two-prov jam-packed with joy and a killer punch. We'll spin out a pretty flower til the petals fall off, then we'll lovingly pick them up and dry them to keep them safe forever.

Midnite Train

Sunday 9:40PM — 10:00PM Clubhouse Treehouse
Dane Troy, John David Williams

Dane and JD have been performing together since 2010 at the University of Georgia, before reuniting in Los Angeles. Their two-man team mixes multiple schools of improv thought and their own brand of humor developed over years of pestering one another, violating personal space, and sharing intimate details of each others lives while on stage.