Party Bus

Untitled Improv Project 1

Sunday 10:00PM — 10:30PM Party Bus
Ashley Apap, Joey Lemchen, Jordon Mueck

Untitled Improv Project is a team that can't decide on a name, so we make the audience decide for us! Whatever name the audience shouts is our team for the evening and we perform as that team for one show only. Come see the newest team in town!

Elephant & Castle

Sunday 8:00PM — 8:30PM Party Bus
Shem Pennant, Will Hines

UCB NYC performer turned UCB LA performer Will Hines and London's martial arts instructor turned comedian Shem Pennant are Elephant & Castle, a cavalcade of characters, accents, physicality and emotions.


Saturday 9:00PM — 9:30PM Party Bus
Michael Burns, Sean Godsey

Godsey&Burns is an improv duo known for their committed character work and creative approach to form. With a physical style and ability to play multiple characters at once, their shows are usually very funny and almost never boring. Godsey&Burns, when you're here, you're family.