Lyric Hyperion

2106 Hyperion Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Soft Piano

Saturday 10:20PM — 10:40PM Lyric Hyperion
Brad Milison, Catherine Donnelly, Isabella Taylor, Katie Northlich, Kelsey Sutton, Laila Shaker, Robby Wagner, Sean Bloomstine

Soft Piano is made up of eight classmates-turned-friends-turned-teammates (or teammates-turned-friends, depending on who you ask). After studying at The Groundlings together, they formed Soft Piano and immediately hit the streets! Unfortunately, the streets hit back and they are now down to seven members. Just kidding. Soft Piano prides themselves on their high-energy approach to long-form improv. They give careful thought and consideration to everything they do, though choosing the name "Soft Piano" and then realizing it sounds like a musical improv team is a sensitive subject. Soft Piano is not a musical improv team.

The Daffodils

Sunday 10:40PM — 11:00PM Lyric Hyperion
Andrew Young, Clara Baker, James Stevenson, Katie Elsaesser, Riley Westling, Scott Thiede

Roses are red. Violets are sort of blue. The Daffodils would love to do some improv for you! We’re a group of flower-lovers who want nothing more than to perform a Pretty Flower for you. Why give an audience a bouquet of dying flowers when we could create a whimsical world of wonder in every petal, all for you! Also, we do our very best to smell nice and hope we don’t make anyone sneeze.

Mach Improv

Sunday 1:00PM — 1:20PM Lyric Hyperion
Alan Santiago, Allyn Pintal, Ann Maddox, Annabel Seymour, Benjamin Apple, Candice Yang, Cara Meyers, Clark Canez, Conner McCabe, Dennis Curlett, Garrett Palm, Jessica Svendsgaard, Joan Ford, Joe Fahey, Kenneth Arthur, Marc Amadin, Matt Manser, Max Lasser, Meg Joh, Mia Schauffler, Nicole Villela, Oscar Montoya, Patrick Polison, Rachel Chapman, Rachel Van Nes, Robin Higgins, Ruha Taslimi, Skander Halim, Stephen Sanow, Zach Olsen, Zander Frost

Mach Improv is: Four brand new improv teams, selected at random, each week. A cast of 30+ amazing performers + guests + up-and-comers = fun improv.

Dragon Viper Cobra

Saturday 1:00PM — 1:20PM Lyric Hyperion
Christian Baltazar, Colleen O'Keefe, David McEuen, Garrett Reasoner, Greg Reason, Jeremy Dorado, Kate Pursley, Kristen Rene, Mariah Ramblas, Noah Sturtridge

Dragon Viper Cobra has been performing in the Bay Area since 2010, Over these last 8 years we havr become a family. Watch a team that is a family, do what families do best: argue, dance, cry, love, and whenever possible rap, hopefully followed by standing ovations or at the very least a frw laughs. Who knows what comedy skeletons this family has hiding in their walk in closet?

The Silver Sharpies

Sunday 2:00PM — 2:20PM Lyric Hyperion
Artin Sarkisyan, Daryl Jim Diaz, James Dean Saldivar, Jesse Dillon, Joseph Sette, Marissa Paiva, Nicole Lauria

The Silver Sharpies are team of diverse improvisers who will take you on a journey. Audience members draw anything they want with sharpies on a poster board. You have the ultimate power so use your imagination. Why not draw an octopus that only eats pizza? How about a stoned Dracula? Maybe a great white shark that’s just looking for true love? Then sit back, relax and watch us bring those drawings to life with our very own form- The Journey!

A Solid 8

Saturday 2:20PM — 2:40PM Lyric Hyperion
Dylan Suwara, Elise Golgowski, John Bryant, Jorge Riverol, Kristof Ruzics, Mariana Matthews, Mia Lopez, Shane Chai

They’re not a 6, they’re not a 7, they’re A Solid 8! And there’s eight members on the team, and 8 x 8 = 64. Then if you subtract 38 and add 1500 you get 1526 which is the address to the governors mansion on H street and…oh my god they’re going to kidnap the governor and then do a living room opening followed by some premise based improv, we have to stop them!


Sunday 2:40PM — 3:00PM Lyric Hyperion
AJ Berna, Sarah Malone

Sarah Malone and AJ Berna make up Down!, an improv team that performs a romantic monoscene. Getting one location from the audience, Sarah and AJ create a meet cute, a first date, a last date, really any possible moment in a relationship, and play it out for the whole set. It's sweet, charming, very awkward, and hopefully hilarious.

The Show That Shall Not Be Named : Harry Potter Improv

Saturday 2:40PM — 3:00PM Lyric Hyperion
Alex Salem, Jackie Emerson, JB Bauersfeld, Lauren Chapman, Martin Mandela Marrow, Naomi Murden, Patrick Daly, Russ Gooberman, Stephanie Pressman, Stephen Ji

Based out of Los Angeles, "The Show That Shall Not Be Named" is a gang of talented improvisers who are huge fans of JK Rowlings books about "The Boy Who Lived" and all the creatures and wizards that live in that world. Performing for sold out crowds in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Diego they have taken over comic book shops, bookstores, comic-cons, coffee shops, comedy theaters and are excited to return to the LA Indie Improv Festival and turn it into your favorite wizarding school! The Wizards and Witches of TSTSNBN are Lauren Chapman, Alex Salem, JB Bauersfeld, Russ Gooberman, Martin Mandela Marrow, Jackie Emerson, Stephen Ji, Stephanie Pressman, Patrick Daly, and Naomi Murden

Townies: The Improvised Play

Sunday 3:00PM — 3:20PM Lyric Hyperion
Bill O'Neil, Blake Rosier, Dan Kerry, Dianna Lee, Eileen O'Connell, Eli Magers

Townies performs an improvised play set in a fictional town, city, or place (like a an intergalactic starship) suggested by an audience member.

For example, let's say an audience member suggests a town called "Les Rouge."

Next, we inform the audience of a very special, upcoming event in the town of Les Rouge, and ask the audience for the name of the event.

For example: "The Burning."

We then launch into the improvised play, following the lives and relationships of six people living in "Les Rouge," exploring their most adamant desires, deepest fears, and darkest secrets; all of which build to a climax at "The Burning," where everything boils over in a hilarious, cathartic ending.


Saturday 3:20PM — 3:40PM Lyric Hyperion
Aury Reyes, Austin Rogers, Gina D’amico, Lindsay Burton, Marquise Alston, Oscar Ramirez, Robert Schwartz, Sam Kimbrell

We are Lumbar, a set of diverse individuals who were hand selected by IO and made the Honor Roll. After our run at IO we continued the momentum and practice weekly and perform wherever and whenever we can. We’re all about support, having fun and eating tacos after practice. Some of us prefer burritos both in and out of our space work but that’s another story.


Saturday 6:20PM — 6:40PM Lyric Hyperion
Daryl Jim Diaz, Emily Decker, Eric Pastore, Jeremy Culhane, Natalie D'Amico, Pete Byrnes, Riley Westling

We'll scene paint our base scene for ya – but once that's done… all bets are off! We play fast. We play QUEER! And since we're all SOULMATES, we will trust and love each other no mater what! Our set will become the most wild "Pretty Flower" you've ever seen!! You know how you've gotten that note to "not follow shinny objects?" We decided when Soulmate plays, thats what we do best. BUT – Within the guidelines of our form. So it stays *grounded. Come get bonkers with us and feel the love <3

*100% not guaranteed.

Small Town

Sunday 6:40PM — 7:00PM Lyric Hyperion
Ali Ghandour, Ben Rosenbaum, Haley Hepworth, Jace Armstrong, Jacob Reed, Julie Brister, Lilan Bowden, Lou Wilson, Malin von Euler-Hogan, Mark David Christenson, Philip Labes

SMALL TOWN is an improv show based entirely on a local paper from your home town. We start with headlines, quotes, and letters to the editor from a real small town paper, meet the townsfolk in a patient La Ronde (a series of two person scenes), then we blow it all out with a high energy montage of scenes set in the small town.

Ashley Quit

Saturday 7:20PM — 7:40PM Lyric Hyperion
Audrey Flegel, Bryce Villalpando, Kate Chindlund, Liam O'Mahoney, Lisa Dempsey, Michelle Serje, Raina Deerwater

A wonderful woman named Ashley brought a bunch of strangers together to form an improv team. Then, Ashley Quit. They bravely soldiered on, formed tight bonds with one another, laughed, cried, and now perform a fantastically silly and energetic pretty flower using something an audience member once quit as inspiration for the ensuing scenes.

Logan Everett

Sunday 7:40PM — 8:00PM Lyric Hyperion
Annalise Tahran, Casey Lawrence, Claire Chapelli, Fiona Merullo, Isabelle Carasso, Tori Brenna

Logan Everett’s yearbook is a high energy show with all the love and drama of the end of the school year. We have a giant yearbook that we set up and make sure that everyone in attendance gets to sign the yearbook at the end of the show! We do a Pretty Flower because we think high school is like a pretty flower; it’s fun, flirty, and eventually it fades away. HAGS!

Miss Golightly

Saturday 8:00PM — 8:20PM Lyric Hyperion
Geo Lee, Jed Alcantara, Terry Huang, Tony Garbanzos, Vince Yap, Wei Kei Yu, Will Choi

We are Miss Golightly, an indie improv team composed of Asian-American Males! We currently host Happy Hour w Miss Golightly every Tuesday at 8:30p at the UCB Inner Sanctum. Collectively, we've completed programs all over town: UCB, iO West (RIP), Groundlings, Nerdist, & The Pack Theatre. We've performed at the hit UCB show ASIAN AF and will be performing at DCM in New York this year as well! Our favorite thing to do is get Thai Food after practice or shows. Sometimes, we hit up K-town and get Chicken Day, where we’re the proud unofficial, unsponsored representatives of. My Name is Wei Kei Yu (inside joke).

The Cabal

Sunday 9:00PM — 9:20PM Lyric Hyperion
Acquah Dansoh, Brenden Emery, Charity Miller, Christopher Renfro, Don Macatangay, Maddie Patrick, Robert Hines, Victoria Longwell, Vitaly GK, Winston Carter

The Monopoly is a monoscene show that connects groups' sets together using one macro-location. This makes watching the show feel like watching a sitcom episode or a really, really, really, hilarious short film.

We divide the Cabal into random teams of 4-6 and the first team sets their micro-location within a larger macro-location based on a ‘Monopoly board' card selected randomly. We supply the cards and together we weave a random world of awesome!

Each subsequent team uses call backs, boss elements of long form improv, game, and characterization to build on the world and heighten the funny to hilarious new levels. It’s a super fun show that is connected, is chock full of challenges and creativity and definitely unlike anything you’ve ever seen before!