Clubhouse Mainstage

1607 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Developing Your Comedy Career with Lilan Bowden, Heather Anne Campbell, Neil Campbell, Hillary Anne Matthews, Carl Tart

Sunday 12:00PM — 1:00PM Clubhouse Mainstage
Carl Tart, Heather Anne Campbell, Hillary Anne Matthews, Jen Krueger, Lilan Bowden, Neil Campbell

Join Jen Krueger in conversation with industry professionals Lilan Bowden (Andi Mack, Mr. Roosevelt), Heather Anne Campbell (The Midnight Show, Whose Line Is It Anyway?), Neil Campbell (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Comedy Bang! Bang!), Hillary Anne Matthews (Alex, Inc.; Drunk History), and Carl Tart (Ghosted, Party Over Here).


Saturday 1:20PM — 1:40PM Clubhouse Mainstage
Jennifer Perry, Mike Perkins, Paul Brodo, Sharona D'Ornellas, Tim Lang

Hat-Trick has been together since 2014 and this will be our 3rd year at the LA Indie Improv Festival! We all met and started back at UCB and went through that entire program together and still get together every week to hang out and do some improv!

We host and produce monthly shows at The Clubhouse in Hollywood since 2016, and we just had a 2 year run of being the only exclusive improv / stand-up comedy show at Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank with our critically acclaimed "Eat, Drink, Improv!" show!

We have all been friends a long time and we share that on stage and with the audience because we're always having an amazing time and bring that energy to every show we do!

Pitch, Please!

Sunday 2:00PM — 2:20PM Clubhouse Mainstage
Bev Bailey, Casey Lawrence, Conor Hanney, Elise Dubois, John DeFour, Leslie Nesbit, Matt Gottlieb, Tess McCarthy

Pitch, Please! creates a fully improvised, a cappella, one-act musical out of thin air. Armed with a single suggestion from the audience, Pitch, Please! delves into scenes, songs, dance breaks, heart breaks and character breaks all without the help of a piano. When it comes time to sing, the improvisers on stage create all the accompaniment they need with their own vocal cords, laying down bass lines, melodies, harmonies, ooo’s, ahhhhhh’s, and beats on the spot. If you liked Pitch Perfect, you’ll love Pitch, Please! If you hated Pitch Perfect, your opinion is wrong.


Sunday 2:20PM — 2:40PM Clubhouse Mainstage
Blair Carden, Bridgett Vega, Kevin Kelly, Liz Semenas, Sam Johnson, Sean Ericson Quetulio, Vida Robbins

Coyote is a hot, young improv team coached by UCB Harold team PONY’s very own Matt Apodaca. Yes, they’ll perform an improv form called The Slacker. Yes, they’ll bring an unparalleled firestorm of energy and excitement the likes of which you’ve never seen. Yes, you’ll bust your friggin’ butts watching them play make-believe. Yes, they are in fact one singular coyote. HOWEVER, most importantly, this is your chance to be part of the exclusive group that gets to see these future stars in an intimate setting before you’ll have to pay beaucoup bucks just to be on the same block as Coyote. Come for the make-em-ups, stay for the HA-HA’s.

Orphans West

Saturday 2:40PM — 3:00PM Clubhouse Mainstage
Ariel Taunton, Brandon Truman, Brendan Frost, Chelsea Gill, J.P. Castel, Jillian Fontaine, Lauren Burwell, Michelle Twarowska, Tal Kissos, Vanessa Gamble

From the people who brought you, "It's OK to be seven and sad…" and "I knew a girl who took a desk to the prom" comes a show that we can't predict because well, it hasn't happened yet. But with bisque dealers, confident lepers and a full knowledge of LA zoning laws, it's sure to be…a way to pass the time.

Two BFF’s and a Baby

Saturday 3:00PM — 3:20PM Clubhouse Mainstage
Aurora Simcovich, Donna Thomas, Naomi Simcovich Nwadiwe

We started out performing as two best friends but we could never get through warm ups or a whole scene without the baby joining in. So we asked her to join our team and after finishing her Cheerios she squealed with delight!

You may be wondering who are the two best friends and who is the baby? Well, it depends on the day honestly. So come out to see our show and find out which one of us missed our nap today. Either way it will be fun, funny and the cutest darned set you’ll see all weekend!

(Note to Festival Producers: Please schedule our show before my bedtime because I get very cranky if I don’t get my beauty sleep. Donna)

Carol’s Poolhouse

Saturday 3:20PM — 3:40PM Clubhouse Mainstage
Brandon Klaus, Corey Clifford, Courtney Clark, Elizabeth Bemis, Quinn Gasaway, Rachel Middleton

Carol’s Poolhouse has been playing the indie scene and hosting their own improv show together for over 4 years. Along the way they’ve formed lasting friendships and consider each other family. Currently, they perform an energy-ramping, game-focused Slacker and their strong friendships make for a tight dynamic with an ability to get real silly!!

The Sound of Musical

Sunday 4:20PM — 4:40PM Clubhouse Mainstage
Becky Sanders, Brendan McCay, Brianna McClellan, Callie Ott, Conor Hanney, Gabe Greenspan, Rama Vallury, Rob Zaleski, Schuyler Jeffress

The Sound of Musical “Where Improv Meets Broadwáy!” is a fully improvised musical, never before seen, never to be seen again.
Based only on a suggestion from the audience, a sensational accompanist will lead these ragtag young guns through a mesmerizing, tantalizing, one-of-a-kind show. The playbills are alive… with THE SOUND OF MUSICAL!

Puppets Amok

Saturday 6:00PM — 6:20PM Clubhouse Mainstage
Eddie Vona, Hilary Kay, Jaime Soria, Lauren-Blair Donovan, Miranda Soriano, Stefanie Malouf

LA’s only(?) puppet improv team! Puppet’s Amok is an indie improv team of puppeteers. Puppet’s Amok members have trained at various schools such as The Second City, Upright Citizen’s Brigade, and The Groundlings and they were all personally trained in puppeteering by a Jim Henson schooled puppeteer (Amie DelleValle Enriquez). Come laugh with us and our puppets!

NOW! 165

Saturday 7:40PM — 8:00PM Clubhouse Mainstage
Allyson Phillips, Ash Webb, Ashley Morton, Eric Barger, Jesse Gavin, Rob Warner, Sally Omar, Sarah Claspell

NOW! 165 is a musical improv team named after those classic compilation albums we all know and love. Based on an audience suggestion for a Disney movie that was never made, we take you on an improvised musical journey. Dance breaks, romantic ballads, strange twists and dark turns…and gee, a kick line or two. It’s a night at the theatre that is sure to amaze and delight!

808 HipHop Improv

Sunday 8:20PM — 8:40PM Clubhouse Mainstage
Andy Apuy, Jay Hoskins, Jody Ortaygo, Mike Besaw, Natasha Lloyd, Sam Epstein, Sean Will, Shaun Fisher

“New Show, Who Dis?” is a show that celebrates how a song can inspires us. Hosted by 808 Hip-Hop Improv, every show we invite a guest team to express how an audience selected Hip-Hop song inspires them in an improv set and then 808 will perform what we are calling “The Hip-Hop Armando,” where an audience member will tell 808 how a song has influenced him/her and 808 team members will perform a Hip-Hop Musical improv set inspired by the interview.

Dock Ellis

Sunday 9:20PM — 9:40PM Clubhouse Mainstage
Chelsea Pope, Ella Jenkin, Erika Lipkes, Jack Norman, Kelly Coughlin, Kenneth Arthur

We're the hosts of Minor League Harold Night and we're gonna do a monoscene! JUST KIDDING we're doin' a dang Harold! Come see, then submit for our show! email hidden; JavaScript is required