Saturday, August 12
Sunday, August 13

Clubhouse Mainstage

1607 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Developing Your Comedy Career with Patrick Brice, D’Arcy Carden, Phil Jackson, Johnny Meeks, Jacob Wysocki

Sunday 12:00PM — 1:00PM Clubhouse Mainstage
D'Arcy Carden, Jacob Wysocki, Jen Krueger, Johnny Meeks, Patrick Brice, Phil Jackson

Join Jen Krueger in conversation with industry professionals Patrick Brice (The Overnight, Creep), D’Arcy Carden (The Good Place, Broad City), Phil Jackson (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Key and Peele), Johnny Meeks (Boondoggle, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), and Jacob Wysocki (*Loosely Exactly Nicole, Unfriended).

Playdate Improv!

Saturday 1:00PM — 1:20PM Clubhouse Mainstage
Andy Crocker, Eric Wood, Katey Mushlin

Playdate puts the short in short form. Veteran comedians who happen to be new parents attempt the ultimate work/life balance: performing with their real, live, squirming, adorable human babies! They're very funny, very unpredictable, and operating on VERY VERY VERY little sleep.

Fashion Show At Lunch

Sunday 1:00PM — 1:20PM Clubhouse Mainstage
Anna Rajo, Elizabeth Reichelt, Jane Kim, Martha Fearnley, Mary Anthony, Sam Campbell, Tracey Kennedy, Vic Michaelis

Fashion Show At Lunch is an all women improv team based at UCB. This group of hot, hot ladies is known for their charactery style of play, quick moves, and their genuine love for one another. Fashion Show At Lunch is Anna Rajo, Sam Campbell, Martha Fearnley, Vic Michaelis, Elizabeth Reichelt, Mary Anthony, Jane Kim, and Tracey Kennedy.

Muppet Hands

Saturday 1:20PM — 1:40PM Clubhouse Mainstage
Elisa Cawley, Ethan Blouin, Jaime Brackeen, Mia Schauffler, Rob Scerbo

Muppet Hands has dangerous Group Mind! Comprised of 5 talented and disturbingly connected individuals, we seek to find a philosophical theme or question to answer in each set! Things can get serious, deep or dark, but we like to bring the traditional approach of playing Game to the whackiness and fun of the Indie Improv scene. We play the hits! Everybody loves the hits!


Sunday 1:40PM — 2:00PM Clubhouse Mainstage
Alex Fernie, Deborah Tarica

Deborah and Alex have been married for almost 2 years and also do improv. We tend to do a lot of scenes about deeply dysfunctional couples that don’t like each other, which seems like something we should try to unpack but we never will.

Chevy Chaise Lounge

Saturday 2:20PM — 2:40PM Clubhouse Mainstage
David Montgomery, Elika Aram, Grace Presse, Josie Martineaux, Kate Chindlund, Katelyn Aprille, Michael Filipone, Roger Thompson, Tim Grove

We perform a 4-person monoscene with a fun catch! Our team is big but we'll have exactly 4 rotating people in the scene at all times: 1 standing, 1 sitting, 1 doing something physical and 1 touching someone else. If a fifth person walks into the scene, one person must make up a reason to excuse themselves. This makes for the most ALIVE monoscene and is more fun than you can shake a stick at (if shaking sticks at things is your idea of fun).

Musical! The Musical!

Saturday 3:00PM — 3:20PM Clubhouse Mainstage
Alison Tafel, Andrew Paulsen, Angie Engelbert, Carlie Craig, Gabe Greenspan, Jessica Poter, Kelly D'Angelo, Leah McCormick, Matt Harbert, Rachel Borders

Musical! The Musical! is a narrative musical team from people with various improv backgrounds – UCB, iOWest, Second City, Groundlings, and Nerdist School who have been performing together for 3 years. 6 time winners of the iOWest Cherry Crush cagematch, they have performed in The West Coast improv fest, the LA musical improv fest, San Diego improv fest, last year's LAIIF (where they invited everyone to sing and close out The Impro Studio's night but no promises this time). Members in the group include writers for Bojack Horseman, Modern Family, Mad TV actor Carlie Craig, and other fun kids. We're a bunch of fun kids is what I'm saying!


Saturday 3:40PM — 4:00PM Clubhouse Mainstage
Kale Hills, Lauren Holt, Lou Wilson, Naomi Villa, Oscar Montoya

We're the goofiest team in the west. We once went to a drag show together and took a group photo with a drag queen named "One Million Moths". Is this grabbing your attention?! We will ask the audience who thinks they have the "craziest story" and pull premise from that! Things are gunna get silly…


Sunday 3:40PM — 4:00PM Clubhouse Mainstage
Alex Berg, Alex Fernie, Todd Fasen

Convoy (Alex Berg, Alex Fernie, Todd Fasen) has been a team for nigh on thirteen years, and has been doing sold out shows at UCB since at least 2008. Honestly, we lost track. Come see us do some fast-paced improv, won't you?

The B-Side

Sunday 5:00PM — 5:20PM Clubhouse Mainstage
Charles Park, Jesse Kruger, Laura Siegel, Marlee Delia, Paula Deming, Roxy Ditto, Sommer Branham

The B-Side is a Musical Improv team, based in Los Angeles, coached by Ashley Ward (Magic to Do, Baby Wants Candy) and Tony Gonzalez (The Sam and Tony Show, The Coconut Club).
The B-Side plays their sets with a loose and free energy, delving into relationships, characters and game before expressing and exploding them all through song. In a way, they're reminiscent of the B-Side songs from your favorite artists, when they're able to be free and unleash a new style or put their spin on a tried-and-true classic. No matter what, like improv, it's never been seen before and never to be seen again, and only our memories can remember the magic we just saw and heard…


Saturday 5:20PM — 5:40PM Clubhouse Mainstage
Allison Brown, Andrew Farmer, Billy Domineau, Emily Schmidt, Haley Hepworth, Henry Gammill

Members of NYU's longform improv team, Dangerbox, reunite on the west coast and ask themselves, "Why can't we use our meal plan to purchase decent bagels?" and "Where is our giant fanbase from the Kimmel Student Center?" Come see what kind of longform improv happens when you add ten years to a bunch of 18-year-old improvisers who lived together and dated each other and spent overall way too much time being sad in New York together!

Candy Shoppe

Saturday 8:40PM — 9:00PM Clubhouse Mainstage
Betsy Sodaro, Cissy Fenwick, Jacob Womack, Joel Jensen, Sergio Cilli, Toni Charline, Wayland McQueen

Candy Shoppe is a team of fun friends who do a monoscene. Before every show, they get together and have a great conversation. They also tell themselves, “Let’s make sure this one stays grounded, and we can go from there.” After every show, they get together and have a great conversation. They also tell themselves, “That was so fun! Did we go too crazy? No, it was a blast!”