Two BFF’s and a Baby

Saturday 3:00PM — 3:20PM Clubhouse Mainstage
Aurora Simcovich, Donna Thomas, Naomi Simcovich Nwadiwe

We started out performing as two best friends but we could never get through warm ups or a whole scene without the baby joining in. So we asked her to join our team and after finishing her Cheerios she squealed with delight!

You may be wondering who are the two best friends and who is the baby? Well, it depends on the day honestly. So come out to see our show and find out which one of us missed our nap today. Either way it will be fun, funny and the cutest darned set you’ll see all weekend!

(Note to Festival Producers: Please schedule our show before my bedtime because I get very cranky if I don’t get my beauty sleep. Donna)