Townies: The Improvised Play

Sunday 3:00PM — 3:20PM Lyric Hyperion
Bill O'Neil, Blake Rosier, Dan Kerry, Dianna Lee, Eileen O'Connell, Eli Magers

Townies performs an improvised play set in a fictional town, city, or place (like a an intergalactic starship) suggested by an audience member.

For example, let's say an audience member suggests a town called "Les Rouge."

Next, we inform the audience of a very special, upcoming event in the town of Les Rouge, and ask the audience for the name of the event.

For example: "The Burning."

We then launch into the improvised play, following the lives and relationships of six people living in "Les Rouge," exploring their most adamant desires, deepest fears, and darkest secrets; all of which build to a climax at "The Burning," where everything boils over in a hilarious, cathartic ending.