The Cabal

Sunday 9:00PM — 9:20PM Lyric Hyperion
Acquah Dansoh, Brenden Emery, Charity Miller, Christopher Renfro, Don Macatangay, Maddie Patrick, Robert Hines, Victoria Longwell, Vitaly GK, Winston Carter

The Monopoly is a monoscene show that connects groups' sets together using one macro-location. This makes watching the show feel like watching a sitcom episode or a really, really, really, hilarious short film.

We divide the Cabal into random teams of 4-6 and the first team sets their micro-location within a larger macro-location based on a ‘Monopoly board' card selected randomly. We supply the cards and together we weave a random world of awesome!

Each subsequent team uses call backs, boss elements of long form improv, game, and characterization to build on the world and heighten the funny to hilarious new levels. It’s a super fun show that is connected, is chock full of challenges and creativity and definitely unlike anything you’ve ever seen before!