Saturday 6:20PM — 6:40PM Lyric Hyperion
Daryl Jim Diaz, Emily Decker, Eric Pastore, Jeremy Culhane, Natalie D'Amico, Pete Byrnes, Riley Westling

We'll scene paint our base scene for ya – but once that's done… all bets are off! We play fast. We play QUEER! And since we're all SOULMATES, we will trust and love each other no mater what! Our set will become the most wild "Pretty Flower" you've ever seen!! You know how you've gotten that note to "not follow shinny objects?" We decided when Soulmate plays, thats what we do best. BUT – Within the guidelines of our form. So it stays *grounded. Come get bonkers with us and feel the love <3

*100% not guaranteed.