Soft Piano

Saturday 10:20PM — 10:40PM Lyric Hyperion
Brad Milison, Catherine Donnelly, Isabella Taylor, Katie Northlich, Kelsey Sutton, Laila Shaker, Robby Wagner, Sean Bloomstine

Soft Piano is made up of eight classmates-turned-friends-turned-teammates (or teammates-turned-friends, depending on who you ask). After studying at The Groundlings together, they formed Soft Piano and immediately hit the streets! Unfortunately, the streets hit back and they are now down to seven members. Just kidding. Soft Piano prides themselves on their high-energy approach to long-form improv. They give careful thought and consideration to everything they do, though choosing the name "Soft Piano" and then realizing it sounds like a musical improv team is a sensitive subject. Soft Piano is not a musical improv team.