Saturday, August 12
Sunday, August 13

Lady Parade

Sunday 8:40PM — 9:00PM Clubhouse Treehouse
Andrea Klaassen, Emily Schmidt, Kirsten Opstad, Max Sopkin, Michelle Shwarzstein

Lady Parade brings together some of the best long-form improvisers hailing from the far reaches of Boston, Minneapolis and even the Inland Empire, who now make LA their home. Take a seat in their living room for story-inspired improv with captivating characters! Ride-or-die commitment! Sometimes singing! Your heart will leap out of your body. Too bold an assertion? Lady Parade has had TWO mid-show proposals, so it’s hardly bold enough. And the question always looms…WILL THERE BE A THIRD?

Lady Parade hosts "Lady Parade & Friends," a monthly show at The Clubhouse and were recent contenders in UCB Cagematch where victory narrowly eluded them, though they now hunger for revenge*.