I Believe in You Peter

Saturday 4:40PM — 5:00PM Clubhouse Treehouse
Caitlin Davis, Evan Daniels, Katie Elsaesser, Keith Anderson, Mark Jacob, Pedro Rojas, Scott Anderson, Sydney Harris, Tori Brenna

I Believe in You Peter does a wildly bizarre set filled with great stuff. Maybe we'll ask you for a suggestion? Maybe We'll ask for a story about your first car? Maybe we'll give you candy and ask for money. But we'll definitely have fun! Lets break down this wild roster of performers.

Pedro Rojas – The Enforcer
Katie Elsaesser – Ankle Expert
Scott Anderson – Stealth Master
Sydney Harris – A Real Life Wolf
Tori Brenna – The Architect
Mark Jacob – Street Boxing Champion
Keith Anderson – Sentient Water being
Caitlin Davis – Fought Trump in the 80s
Evan Daniels – Invented Batteries/Medicine

We hope to see you there!