Sunday 2:20PM — 2:40PM Clubhouse Mainstage
Blair Carden, Bridgett Vega, Kevin Kelly, Liz Semenas, Sam Johnson, Sean Ericson Quetulio, Vida Robbins

Coyote is a hot, young improv team coached by UCB Harold team PONY’s very own Matt Apodaca. Yes, they’ll perform an improv form called The Slacker. Yes, they’ll bring an unparalleled firestorm of energy and excitement the likes of which you’ve never seen. Yes, you’ll bust your friggin’ butts watching them play make-believe. Yes, they are in fact one singular coyote. HOWEVER, most importantly, this is your chance to be part of the exclusive group that gets to see these future stars in an intimate setting before you’ll have to pay beaucoup bucks just to be on the same block as Coyote. Come for the make-em-ups, stay for the HA-HA’s.