Katie Elsaesser

The Daffodils

Sunday 10:40PM — 11:00PM Lyric Hyperion
Andrew Young, Clara Baker, James Stevenson, Katie Elsaesser, Riley Westling, Scott Thiede

Roses are red. Violets are sort of blue. The Daffodils would love to do some improv for you! We’re a group of flower-lovers who want nothing more than to perform a Pretty Flower for you. Why give an audience a bouquet of dying flowers when we could create a whimsical world of wonder in every petal, all for you! Also, we do our very best to smell nice and hope we don’t make anyone sneeze.

I Believe in You Peter

Saturday 4:40PM — 5:00PM Clubhouse Treehouse
Caitlin Davis, Evan Daniels, Katie Elsaesser, Keith Anderson, Mark Jacob, Pedro Rojas, Scott Anderson, Sydney Harris, Tori Brenna

I Believe in You Peter does a wildly bizarre set filled with great stuff. Maybe we'll ask you for a suggestion? Maybe We'll ask for a story about your first car? Maybe we'll give you candy and ask for money. But we'll definitely have fun! Lets break down this wild roster of performers.

Pedro Rojas – The Enforcer
Katie Elsaesser – Ankle Expert
Scott Anderson – Stealth Master
Sydney Harris – A Real Life Wolf
Tori Brenna – The Architect
Mark Jacob – Street Boxing Champion
Keith Anderson – Sentient Water being
Caitlin Davis – Fought Trump in the 80s
Evan Daniels – Invented Batteries/Medicine

We hope to see you there!