Anne Akhila

Tres Leches

Sunday 10:40PM — 11:00PM Clubhouse Treehouse
Anne Akhila, Robby Wagner, Wes Martinez

Tres Leches is Anne Akhila, Robby Wagner and Wes Martinez.  Diverse players who also happen to be BFFs…who love cake.  Each member is a product of both The Groundlings & UCB making their long form improv a delicious sweet dessert you just want to eat up.  Performances are rich with characters (icing), grounded in real relationships (cake), with special weirdness that brings it all together (platter).  With only three improvisers on stage, there is time to explore (eat) each character and scene, but also move quickly into wacky premises (digest).  (We love cake.)


Sunday 9:20PM — 9:40PM Clubhouse Treehouse
Anne Akhila, Anosh McAdam, Krishna Smitha, Nikhil Deshpande, Zef Husain

Anne Akhila, Krishna Smitha, Nikhil Deshpande, Zef Husain, and Anosh McAdam are Uncle. Beyond being an all-Indian, long-form improv troupe, Uncle's mission is to bring its' own, unique, frame of reference to the stage. We are not just 5 flannel shirts up here. We want to help inspire other POC artists to get up here and play! And if anyone wants to hit up Artesia after the show, dosa's are on us (not really).