Saturday, August 6, 2016

Clubhouse Treehouse

1607 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Penguins on the Playground

10:00PM — 10:20PM Clubhouse Treehouse
Jen Krueger, Mark David Christenson

Penguins on the Playground is a duo made up of one super intelligent mind and one blindly confident dummy. The collision of these two creates comedy that scratches the itch of the lowest common denominator and reaches the heights of the wittiest article for the New Yorker. Plus, you might witness Jen teaching Mark David something new.

Power Lunch

12:40AM — 1:00AM Clubhouse Treehouse
Cara Meyers, Clark Canez, Lisa Timmons

Power Lunch is an indie improv and sketch team consisting of Clark CaƱez, Cara Meyers, and Lisa Timmons. They formed under the tutelage of their improv 401 teacher, Ari Voukydis, in January 2015.

Power Lunch is the most important meal of the day.


2:20PM — 2:40PM Clubhouse Treehouse
Andrew Fernandez, April Mouton, Brad Bishop, Matt Longwell, Michael Drake, Nick Runco

Goats, or "Generals Often Allow Three Scoops of Ice Cream" has been performing long form improv together for nearly five years. Known for building absurd worlds with an undertow of sad reality, find out how "Great Oligarchs Always Teach Humanity" transform friendship into a truly abstract commentary on the human experience. Goats! (Fact: The name doesn't stand for "Greatest of All Time" but actually cokes from the phrase "Give Only A Thought, Plato." Ask us about it sometime!)

Egg Teach

5:20PM — 5:40PM Clubhouse Treehouse
Alex Ungerman, Emily Durrett, Jeff Topolski, Max Lasser

Egg Teach has egged every teacher they've ever had. They have been performing together for over two years and are always open to learning new things, but seriously if you teach them something you will get egged. Egg Teach is Emily Durrett, Max Lasser, Alex Ungerman, and Jeff Topolski.


9:20PM — 9:40PM Clubhouse Treehouse
Elizabeth Guest, Evan Riney, Joe Weber, Sarah Stoecker, Wave Segal

As a monoscene team, Drizzle always delivers a real slice of life for your enjoyment. If the universe was an apple and you took a big old bite, you'd get a mouthful of crisp refreshing reality, full of small moments, fascinating revelations, and maybe even a little worm that gives you a wink and an amicable before you swallow it all down to digest for the rest of your day. You ate a cosmic worm. We perform a monoscene.