Saturday, August 6, 2016

Party Bus


10:00PM — 10:15PM Party Bus
Devin Field, Rose O'Shea

MONTY is a young silverback gorilla who was trapped in the wild and brought to the United States, where he subsequently disappeared without a trace. Any information regarding the whereabouts of Monty would be very much appreciated.

Krazy Cangaroos

10:30PM — 10:45PM Party Bus
Blake Rosier, Matt Rath

Krazy Cangaroos is the world's wackiest, silliest and WORST team. Matt and Blake, or Curios Kevin and Thad (improv alter egos) take all the worst improv moves and congeal them into one high energy, insane and unmissable purposefully bad improv show.


7:30PM — 7:45PM Party Bus
Cristi Rumpza, Emily Schmidt, Naomi Villa

Two passive aggressive, Midwestern gals hold a bible study in a musty church basement. They pick an audience member to yell, "stop" as they flip through the pages, landing on a randomly selected bible passage. Improve ensues, inspired by the reading. Seven layer bars will be served, but no punch… There was an incident.


7:45PM — 8:00PM Party Bus
Andrea Klaassen, Nate Shelkey

She's from Minnesota. He's from Virginia. Together on stage, when assembled, they form…. Bjërt! Kind of like Voltron but more like a cat. Who improvises. (Wait, isn't Voltron like a giant cat? Okay, then definitely like Voltron.)

Rasta Bus

9:00PM — 9:15PM Party Bus
Jacob Wysocki, Zack Pearlman

Jacob Wysocki and Devin Field are two young bucks with their fingers on the pulse of the world! Two Dynamic men who come together like butter and corn.

The Northern Wall

9:15PM — 9:30PM Party Bus
Monika Smith, Taylor Mechlinski

Winners of the latest Nerdist School Cagematch, The Northern Wall is made up of the amazingly talented Canadian Monika Smith and the okay American Taylor Mechlinski. The Northern Wall performs a Pretty Flower through ethnocentric compassion.