Saturday, August 6, 2016

Moving Arts Theater

Lady Parade

10:40PM — 11:00PM Moving Arts Theater
Andrea Klaassen, Ellie Kovara, Emily Schmidt, Kirsten Opstad, Max Sopkin, Michelle Schwarzstein

For years Lady Parade has been giving the good people of LA what they want: monoscenes where summer campers stage uprisings and women give birth in hot yoga. And much more! Members of Lady Parade focus on authenticity, energy and rich relationships. They’re also nice people, known to elicit an above average amount of laughs and enjoy a good beer. Come hang out with them at LAIIF!


2:20PM — 2:40PM Moving Arts Theater
Kyle Denne, Ric Rosario, Tammy Vo

Tammy and Ric bring you Saarbrücken. 2 person longform that can be described as risky and rewarding. They do several forms, including Armando and Monoscene *ALL AT ONCE!

(*though Saarbrücken has never combined multiple forms before, they promise an Armando-Monoscene for the indie fest.)

Dad Jokes

5:20PM — 5:40PM Moving Arts Theater
Adam Moshcatel, Allison Garwood, Andrew Keller, Brian Christopher, Chaz Rodgers, Cooper McGill, Heather Massie, Jennifer Tate, Juvi Guevara, Tessa Archer

Dad Jokes is an improv team that averages 98 group text messages and 374 emoticons per day. We stop at 10pm though, because Juvi, the MA ninja of the group, goes to bed early. It's a normal Dad Jokes performance if the group games get out of hand and result in all but one of us dying dramatically.