Saturday, August 6, 2016

Lyric Hyperion

2106 Hyperion Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Mach Improv

12:00PM — 12:20PM Lyric Hyperion
AJ Berna, Alex Ungerman, Aly Monroe, Ann Maddox, Benjamin Apple, Clare Loughran, Connie Shin, David Ojo, Gregory Wallace, JD Williams, Jeff Topolski, Jesse Esparza, Jonathan Rechter, Karel Ebergen, Matt Manser, Max Lasser, Michelle Thompson, Nicole Villela, Oscar Montoya, Rachel Chapman, Raiza Licea, Rob Hugel, Robin Higgins, Ruha Taslimi, Samuel Palmer, Sarah Malone, Skander Halim, Sydney Steinberg, Zander Frost

Mach Improv is an indie show: Four brand new improv teams, selected at random, each week. A cast of 30 amazing performers + guests + up-and-comers = fun improv.

Watch all 30 cast members of Mach perform in 1 team!

Wild Geese

1:40PM — 2:00PM Lyric Hyperion
Brianna McClellan, Conor Hanney, Dayna LoBosco, Elizabeth Karb, James Dunn, Jennifer Gardner, Katy Beckemeyer, Kelsey Goeres, Leandra Ryan, Lisa Inouye, Lyndsey Horton, Maddie Buxton, Pat Janssen

Wild Geese is a group of iO West alumni. Known for their imaginative play and sincere tolerance of one another, these birds are so excited to share their two original forms with you: The Amélie and The Budapest. Come for the original forms and stay for the goose-shaped cookies! Follow them on Instagram and Facebook @wildgeeseimprov

Super Heaven

4:40PM — 5:00PM Lyric Hyperion
Clay Prietsch, Jeremiah Burton, Lauren Hargrave, Maxwell Toretti, Ryan Tweedy, Stephen Perlstein

Unrepentant and challenging, Super Heaven is a fast missive of in-your-face improvisational comedy. Unafraid to say it, Super Heaven goes where other shows don't even dare, exploring topics from John Stuart Mill to Barack Obama, but still all the while developing engaging, grounded scenework. By the end of their two-act declaration of war, you'll be simply amazed. Watch out, because it's gonna get razor-sharp!


6:20PM — 6:40PM Lyric Hyperion
Alex Wiesel, Allexa D'allessio, Julia Mack, Katheyn Cobbs, Madison Lanesey, Ramona czernek

Pumps is an all female comedy team that began as competitors in the Cherry Crush show hosted by Cherry Improv. after over 30 consecutive wins, iO West decided to give Pumps our own slot every Monday night at 11 pm. We now host our own cage match "Pumps Presents It's a Match!" The show is formatted like a dating show. During our set we pull up a single member from the audience and speed date them on stage, based upon their answers we do an improvised set.

Bromuda Triangle

8:20PM — 8:40PM Lyric Hyperion
Alex Sanborn, Christopher Martin, Cory Jacob, Kenny Chen, Maxx Maulion, Nick D'Itri, Will Pinson Rose

*Bromuda Triangle was founded in Jan '12. We like to wear Hawaiian shirts when we perform, for no reason other than we are stupid idiots. We like to surprise ourselves and the audience. How do we do that? By having alot of fun, messing with each other, and following the fear. It will be beautiful and/or utter chaos. "Get lost in the improv of Bromuda Triangle!" (Isn't it cool that we have a corny catchphrase? It's cool right?) *Come see our show and guess what 3 of us are wearing women's underwear during the performance! If you guess correctly Will will give you Kenny G's direct email address!