Saturday, August 6, 2016

Impro Studio

1727 N Vermont Ave #211, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Impro Studio spotlight: Bearded Men West

10:00PM — 11:00PM Impro Studio
Cody Bushee, Matthew Pitner, Paul Vonasek, Steven Moloney, Torrey Halverson

We are The Bearded Men. We weave epic tales of heart-warming proportions. We harken back to the days of the storytelling bards and mix it with a modern scenic charm. One suggestion catapults our audience into an epic journey ranging from the aisles of a shopping center to forbidden planets, from the high seas to the old west… always crafted with a hint of danger, romance and a dash of spectacle. So sharpen your swords, grab your high heels, and get ready for one hell of an adventure.

Daily Double

11:00PM — 11:20PM Impro Studio
Betsy Sodaro, Toni Charline

Join Toni and Betsy as they take you on a journey where you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll feel every emotion a few times and you will come out of the show feeling like a new person.

What’s Up Doc

12:20PM — 12:40PM Impro Studio
Dorothy Garcia, Rachael Fendrich, Rachelle Robinson, Romy Cole

With the audience supplying a subject that interests them, they supply an improvised documentary in which real facts are optional. Weaving together monologues, interviews, and reenactments–the performers of What's Up Doc will document a subject or popular figure like you've never seen it before (and will never see again). A character-rich and truth-impoverished romp through history.

The Sound of Musical

12:40PM — 1:00PM Impro Studio
Brendan McKay, Brianna McClellan, Callie Ott, Conor Hanney, Magi Loucks, Michael Pollock, Rama Vallury, Rob Zaleski, Schuyler Jeffres

The Sound of Musical “Where Improv Meets Broadway!” is a fully improvised musical, never before seen, never to be seen again. Based only on a suggestion from the audience, legendary musical director Michael Pollock will lead these ragtag young guns through a mesmerizing, tantalizing, one-of-a-kind show.

The playbills are alive… with THE SOUND OF MUSICAL!

The Huntsmen

3:00PM — 3:15PM Impro Studio
Brianna McClellan, Conor Hanney

The Huntsmen is a two person musical improv team comprised of Brianna McClellan and Conor Hanney. Bearing a striking resemblance to Snow White and The Huntsmen (respectively), this team takes the audience on a whimsical journey through song, synchronized dancing, and strong jawlines (Conor's, that is). By getting an audience suggestion of a musical title, The Huntsmen creates an entire magically narrative musical with only two players.


3:15PM — 3:30PM Impro Studio
Ariana Lenarsky, Julia Meltzer, Katie Marovitch, Lyndsey Frank

Come see grounded, emotional improv performed by four weirdos who love each other deeply. These UCB Mess Hall/Harold/indie vets will have you laughing at stuff you thought would make you cry. As an added bonus, each DreamGirl is very beautiful, like a Russian peasant that gets seduced by the Tsar.


3:30PM — 3:45PM Impro Studio
Sarah Franklin, Shane Lennon, Talia Bernstein

Starlight is a three person team that performs a soundtrack filled with high energy and some of the best dance moves you will ever see on stage. Our goal is to simply have fun with each other and with the audience. Come watch us perform if you're interested in a good time and want to learn some moves yourself.

Impro Studio spotlight: The Improvised Generation

6:00PM — 7:00PM Impro Studio
Aliza Pearl, Amanda Troop, Jessica Lynn Verdi, Laurie Jones, Matthew Pitner, Paul Hungerford, Rob Ullett, Sara Mountjoy-Pepka, Scott Palmason, special guest stars from the Impro Theatre Main Company

Mixing genuine TNG reverence with skilled storytelling, The Improvised Generation improvises authentic voyages through the Alpha quadrant with a whole new cast of memorable characters. Sometimes thrilling, sometimes touching, usually funny, always engaging. An Impro Studio Presents production.


7:00PM — 7:20PM Impro Studio
Kevin McGeehan, Monika Smith

Kevin McGeehan and Monika Smith perform a completely
improvised one-act play with just the suggestion of the character names. The audience watches a funny, yet charmingly real vision into
these two character's lives where subplots, history, climax and conflict all
come to a funny resolution within half an hour. Some may call it a monoscene, but it's so much more!

Impro Studio spotlight: Twilight Zone

8:00PM — 9:00PM Impro Studio
Impro Theatre Main Company

From the darkest corners of reality to the land of the unexplained, Impro Theatre’s Twilight Zone UnScripted pays homage to Rod Serling’s sci-fi series “The Twilight Zone.”
Enter the dimension of pure imagination as completely improvised episodes are created with every performance.

Swimming Lessons

9:20PM — 9:40PM Impro Studio
Andrew Erath, Jane Kim, Jeremy Culhane, Jesus Oquendo, Mary Anthony, Omar Najam, Zoe Mallen

Community Pool is open for the season!

Come see the best indie teams in town perform, followed by a set from host team & lifeguards-on-duty Swimming Lessons. Then stick around and watch these teams plunge into the community pool together to jam!

Swimming Lessons is: Jeremy Culhane, Mary Anthony, Zoe Mallen, Jane Kim, Omar Najam, Andrew Erath, Jesus Oquendo.

Wet The Hippo: The Murge

9:40PM — 10:00PM Impro Studio
Alec Jones-Trujillo, Chad Damiani, Eli Weinberg, Elisabeth Hower, Gemma Soldati, Ian Bratchie, Jessica Gonzales, Joe Mitchell, John Norris, John Wyatt, Katie Orr, Kevin Krieger, Lani Claxton, Lucia Brizzi, Margot Kistler, Max Baumgarten, Sethward Allison, Tim Reid, Tyler Watson

The Murge is an off-the-walls, improvised shitstorm like nothing you've ever seen before. Directed by renowned Cirque Du Soleil Clown John Gilkey, The Murge is the strange synthesis of Improvised Comedy, Clown, and whatever the fuck we want. Not to be missed. www.wetthehippo.com