Saturday, August 6, 2016

Clubhouse Mainstage

1607 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

The Ladies of Ann Taylor’s Loft

3:00PM — 3:20PM Clubhouse Mainstage
Ashley Ward, Jessica Eason, Karolyn McKenzie, Kate Duffy, Lindsey Barrow, Pam Murphy, Susannah Becket

Put on your summer casuals, it's time to delve into the lives of Ann Taylor LOFT's sassiest sales associates! If there's anything you can count on, it's that these wacky women will be judging the hell out each other and whatever innocent shopper stops by the store! Merlot! Chunky jewelry! Insisting we know what's best for each other's lives! This show has it all! It's the Ladies of Ann Taylor's LOFT!


3:40PM — 4:00PM Clubhouse Mainstage
Allison Brown, Charlie Mihelich, Gabi Van Horn, Michelle Thompson, Ryan Tweedy

We get it. Life is hard. The love of your life broke up with you, the next morning you got a DUI, and the pizza guy has seen you cry more times this week than some of your best friends have in your entire lives! You may think you'€™re dramatic, but you'€™re not alone. We support you! Join us as we celebrate the embarrassing, mortifying, and ultimately defining moments in our lives by turning them into laughter! Purgatory will take a rock bottom themed suggestion from the audience, share a true story and do improv inspired by that suggestion.


6:20PM — 6:40PM Clubhouse Mainstage
Jay Hoskins, Ken Breese, Mike Besaw, Natasha Lloyd, Oscar Montoya, Sam Epstein, Shaun Fisher, Zora Bikangaga

808 is a hip hop improv team that combines everything you love about Musical Improv with everything you love about Rap! They have amazed audiences across the country with their ability to incorporate Freestyle Rap and Beatboxing into high energy scenes and songs. Give them a suggestion, then sit back and prepare to nod your head and drop your jaw.

Treasure Lake

7:20PM — 7:40PM Clubhouse Mainstage
Cindy Chu, Daniel Trainor, Jon Millstein, Lauren Rappaport, Paisley Grey, Sam Horwitz, Trina Dong

Treasure Lake is a seven person group (myself, Jon Millstein, Paisley Grey, Trina Dong, Lauren Rappaport, Sam Horwitz, Cindy Chu) all with various levels of training at Upright Citizens Brigade and other training centers. We have performed at Second City, UCB Inner Sanctum, iO West, the Clubhouse and other venues during our time together.

Treasure Lake prides itself on being a fun and energetic group of improvisers with a knack for thinking outside the box.