Saturday, August 6, 2016

Wet The Hippo: The Murge

9:40PM — 10:00PM Impro Studio
Alec Jones-Trujillo, Chad Damiani, Eli Weinberg, Elisabeth Hower, Gemma Soldati, Ian Bratchie, Jessica Gonzales, Joe Mitchell, John Norris, John Wyatt, Katie Orr, Kevin Krieger, Lani Claxton, Lucia Brizzi, Margot Kistler, Max Baumgarten, Sethward Allison, Tim Reid, Tyler Watson

The Murge is an off-the-walls, improvised shitstorm like nothing you've ever seen before. Directed by renowned Cirque Du Soleil Clown John Gilkey, The Murge is the strange synthesis of Improvised Comedy, Clown, and whatever the fuck we want. Not to be missed. www.wetthehippo.com