Saturday, August 6, 2016

Bromuda Triangle

8:20PM — 8:40PM Lyric Hyperion
Alex Sanborn, Christopher Martin, Cory Jacob, Kenny Chen, Maxx Maulion, Nick D'Itri, Will Pinson Rose

*Bromuda Triangle was founded in Jan '12. We like to wear Hawaiian shirts when we perform, for no reason other than we are stupid idiots. We like to surprise ourselves and the audience. How do we do that? By having alot of fun, messing with each other, and following the fear. It will be beautiful and/or utter chaos. "Get lost in the improv of Bromuda Triangle!" (Isn't it cool that we have a corny catchphrase? It's cool right?) *Come see our show and guess what 3 of us are wearing women's underwear during the performance! If you guess correctly Will will give you Kenny G's direct email address!